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Here at Ammo, we care about you––our fellow stylists, estheticians, makeup artists, lash extension specialists, and nail technicians. We see you working hard, and we are here to help you grow your business and reach your financial and lifestyle goals. Ammo is more than just products; we exist to elevate the people who make up the influential, vibrant community that is the beauty industry.

Ammo aims to change the beauty industry by changing the way beauty products are sold. Too many stylists are working 12 hour days, living week to week. A hairstylist started Ammo to create opportunities for beauty professionals to make a passive income. Not only does Ammo provide stylists with an easier, smarter way to make commission on products, it offers an innovative platform that breaks open the beauty product market, making it simple for stylists to get the best products for their clients’ specific needs.

How It Works



Discover new products for your clients’ unique needs with our filters that make it easy for you to quickly narrow down results, making for a fast, simple checkout process.


The Ammo app allows you to collect payment at the time of service for the products you’ve recommended for your client. Through Ammo, send your recommendations to your client’s account so they can easily reorder stylist-approved products at any time.


Earn up to 20% commission on all product sales through Ammo, whether your client chooses to purchase at the time of service or through self-checkout later. Additionally, Ammo gives commission on your client’s subsequent orders, allowing you to earn money without putting in more hours behind the chair.

Perks of Becoming an Affiliate

Increase Your Earning Power

• Earn Up to 20% commission
• Earn on client purchases when you check them out using the Ammo app
• Earn on product recommendations when your client purchases from the Ammo website
• Earn commission on your clients’ future purchases

Grow Your Business

• Withdraw commission at anytime
• Don’t lose money on stock sitting on the shelves
• Earn cash to use for station products and backbar
• Link Ammo with your website so clients can easily access your top product picks
• Don’t miss out on a sale because something is out of stock
• Benefit from endless resources to help you grow your business

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